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Aims, Objectives and Activities

The overall goal of GMP was to reduce mortality and morbidity from malaria through the conduct of high quality, field-based research and research capacity development.

AIMSGMP stand with Grace Malenga and researchers at MIM meeting

  • To conduct high quality malaria research directly related to the treatment or prevention of malaria
  • To facilitate the adoption of research findings into practice
  • To strengthen malaria research capacity in Africa

The partnership was initially funded for a 5 year period from 2001 – 2006.The major accomplishments of the partnership during its initial 5 year period of funding were presented in a detailed report The Gates Malaria Partnership 2001 – 2006.  This was followed by no cost extensions to allow ongoing projects to be completed.  The main objectives during this extended period are listed below:

  • Completion of GMP supported research projects
  • Dissemination of research findings and, when appropriate, fostering their implementation into practice
  • Completion of the GMP post-graduate training program

The project ended on 31st December 2009. 

DEMTAP project - researcher and woman filling in diary


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