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Research Committee

As a large proportion of the award was directed towards conducting applied research, a peer review process was established to ensure that all GMP projects would be conducted to the highest scientific and ethical standards. A Research Committee, comprising of both internal and external members, was established to oversee this process.

This Committee met regularly to review new applications, re-submissions and progress reports. The high quality of research studies that resulted from GMP funding are a tribute to the work of the Research Committee. Below is the composition of the committee at various stages:

Internal (LSHTM) Members:GMP Research Posters depicting Antimarials, Vector Control, Epidemiology, Household Intervention, Capacity Building

CHAIR 2002-2009: Hazel Dockrell
CHAIR 2001-2002: Richard Hayes

  • David Bradley
  • Peter Godfrey-Faussett
  • Paul Fine
  • David Mabey
  • Barbara McPake

External Members:

  • Ayo Odoule (WHO, Geneva)
  • Kamini Mendis (WHO, Geneva)
  • Alistair Robb (DFID)
  • Stephen Ward (LSTM)

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