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Training Committee

Since GMP provided support for capacity strengthening and training in malaria control, a training committee (TC) was constituted to oversee and facilitate the training activities. It comprised representatives from 8 partner institutions and from WHO HQ and WHO AFRO.

Training centre project, team working at a tableTraining proposals from the 4 African training centres established under GMP and from European partners followed project cycle management guidelines set by the TC. Wide ranging proposals covered advocacy, health education, community mobilization, and inservice training. Diverse target groups included villagers, shop keepers, health facility staff, programme managers, journalists and politicians. Examples of the training programmes are given in the annual reports.

The TC comprised of the following experts:

CHAIR 2003-2009: Geoffrey Targett (LSHTM)
CHAIR 2001-2003: Marcel Hommel (LSTM)
SECRETARY: Heather Naylor (LSHTM)

  • Maru Aregemi (WHO RBM)
  • Mulenda Basimike (WHO RBM)
  • Imelda Bates (LSTM)
  • Paul Bloch (DBL)
  • Ib Bygbjerg (CMP)
  • Fernando Da Silveira (WHO AFRO)
  • Anita Davies (LSHTM)
  • Angela Dawson (LSTM)
  • Jane Edmondson (LSHTM)
  • Brian Greenwood (LSHTM)
  • Grace Malenga (CoM)
  • Pasiens Mapunda (NIMR)
  • Sylvia Meek (Malaria Consortium)
  • Niels Ørnbjerg (DBL)
  • Ayo Palmer (MRC)
  • Isabella Quakyi (SPH)

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