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Infrastructure Programme

GMP assisted in the  development of infrastructure within African research centres and public health institutions. The infrastructure, whether buildings or equipment, was provided with other forms of support ranging from full sustainability planning to specific training in the operation and maintenance of equipment.

 Analysing blood spots in laboratoryThe rationale was that these organisations could then:

  • Offer improved public health services

  • Undertake new types of research

  • Derive the benefits from the recognition as a national or regional resource for future research and public health initiatives

  • Raise funds for their own operational costs through the provision of testing services, bench fees, office rental etc.

Specific items of equipment or small scale refurbishments and site-specific support were provided to more than 15 African research institutes and public health facilities through GMP's research projects and training centre initiatives. The largest investment in GMP's infrastructure and capacity building work was the construction of 4 training centres and 2 research laboratories and provision of equipment, support and advice on their sustainable operation.