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PhD Programme

GMP students, Happy Phiri and Standwell NkhomaThe PhD programme sought to build skills and knowledge in applied malaria research. It aimed to enhance capacity to develop and test new approaches to malaria prevention, management and control.

When the partnership was created, opportunities for doctoral training for African scientists were limited. Over 200 applications were received and the GMP PhD programme enrolled 33 students instead of the 12 originally planned. The GMP students were each registered and supervised through one of the 4 European partner institutions and provided with an award of US $50,000 to meet the cost of their research project.

GMP policy was to recruit the majority of these from the malaria-endemic countries of sub-Saharan Africa and most of the students conducted projects based in their own countries. Of the 33 students enrolled on the PhD programme, 31 were from African countries. Following completion of their PhD, 31 of the 33 African PhD students who obtained a competitive fellowship returned to work in Africa whilst 2 took up post-doctoral training positions in the USA.  Currently, 27 of the 33 African PhD students trained by GMP are still involved in research, 24 of whom are based in Africa. 

Personal Development Programme

GMP also supported students in their career development, outside their scientific training. In 2004, in collaboration with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM), GMP pioneered a highly successful Personal Development Planning programme (PDP) for its students. Support for the GMP students through the programme was provided as part of a PhD study undertaken by Hazel McCullough, who was at that time, a student at LSTM.

Re-Entry Grants

One of the barriers faced by new PhD graduates returning to Africa was, and remains, a shortage of postdoctoral positions for newly graduated scientists within their host institutions. To assist students in establishing themselves back in their home institutions, GMP offered a number of competitively awarded re-entry grants. Awards were held at an African partner institution, were for 2 years and had a maximum value of $150,000. In total 11 re-entry grants were awarded.

Training Fellows

GMP was also able to support the career development of 4 training fellows- project staff working on GMP funded projects. 3 of whom have now obtained a PhD and the 4th is due to complete a part-time PhD in 2012.